From Xbox 720 to Xbox Fusion? New Console Name, New Details for June 10 Event


Even the name for the much-awaited next-gen Xbox 720 still has not been confirmed. For the past few weeks, some people have speculated that Microsoft's upcoming console would be called "Durango," its codename, "Xbox 720" as a follow-up to the current-gen, "Xbox Infinity," and just "Xbox."

Now speculations arise that the Xbox 720 may be called Xbox Fusion. According to TechRadar, Microsoft has suspiciously been buying domain names, including,, and

There have also been reports of and being bought by Microsoft, which may either be for other promotional purposes once the actual console has been revealed or one of them may actually be the console's moniker.

Considering that the reports of the domain buys are so close to the May 21 schedule Xbox 720 event, it's safe to say you can add the reveal of the name once the console hits the stage in less than three weeks.

But apart from the anticipated event this week, there's also another date to look forward to, specifically one that happens on the eve of the E3 2013.

What to expect before E3 2013 for the Xbox 720

It seems that Microsoft is gearing up for three major appearances, after the very long wait for any confirmed details involving the next-gen Xbox console. With May 21 drawing to a close, and a date that supposedly pegs the reveal of the Xbox 720 (or Xbox Fusion or Xbox Infinity) hardware.

Considering how Microsoft is also lobbying for entertainment beyond gaming, May 21 may also showcase more details regarding these additional features.

Aside from this, another date to mark is June 10, wherein Microsoft will hold another event at the Galen Center in Los Angeles, California. According to TechRadar, invites have already been sent as the day will be the kick-off for Microsoft's take for the E3 2013 the day after.

With two dates prior to the E3 2013 for the reveal of the console, gamers can expect a showcase of Xbox 720's lineup of games for this event, calling them to be blockbuster games.

The Next Web adds that, the three events could have three different targets, with the Redmond event in May more focused on technology rather than content and geared for developers, the June 10 for the content announcements, and the E3 2013 for all the gaming goods for gamers.

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