Xbox 720 Rumored to have an EA Exclusive Game & Xbox Live Gold Free Multiplayer Gaming and Entertainment Weekend


As far as game titles for the Xbox 720 next-gen consoles go, there has already been talk that titles such as Forza, Ryse, and Watch Dogs have been in circulation, but a new report says that Microsoft is actually six months behind the development of games for the next-gen release.

GameSpot reports that a source who wishes to remain anonymous has already reported that many internal projects have been cancelled, and has now put Microsoft to a big delay for its next-gen titles.

Whether this will set back the release of the Xbox 720 to the once talked about Spring 2014 possibility, or merely give a few months of delay to the onslaught of games ones the console and hardware are already in gamers' hands remain to be announced, preferably at the May 21 event..

But considering all the hype that's being given for the E3 2013 this June, it won't be a surprise if word comes out regarding any software titles or game exclusives by then.

Xbox 720's Exclusive Game

But even with the news of late Microsoft's delayed titles, there is one rumored exclusive title that can hold up for Xbox 720, and it seems like an exclusive worth waiting for as the May announcement for the next-gen Xbox draws closer.

According to Digital Trends, the latest rumors surrounding game exclusivity for the Xbox 720 includes an exclusive title rumored to be Respawn Entertainment's first-ever game in development and published by Electronic Arts.

Fans of Call of Duty may want to look forward to this, as Respawn Entertainment was founded by the series creators, so whatever first game they may be making may have the same flavor as COD.

Though EA has made no confirmations yet, it has been stated that the game title may be called Titan, and one that aims to enter the arena of shooter games.

This may bring back the time wherein reports pointing out EA's lack of presence in Sony's event, it seems that this may shed more proof on the possibility that EA has signed exclusivity for the Xbox next-gen console. shares more detail about the title in development, stating that the new game will support 16-player matches, a faction system for personal progress feeds, and lack of single player component by focusing more on play-against-bots or multiplayer modes.

With regards to more details on the game, the developers are keeping mum, at least until June. "If you don't follow Respawn on Twitter, I just want to let you know we're aware of all the speculation from today, but you're going to have to wait till E3 for details," according to the developer forums as quoted by OXM.

"We're really excited to share what we've been working on with you and that is all I can say for now!"

For the most part, it seems that E3 2013 will really be an exciting event to look forward to.

Xbox Live Gold free for UK

For those living in UK, it's going to be Gold Unlocked Free Live Weekend starting Friday, May 3 until May 5, Sunday a minute to midnight.

This means that those who aren't Xbox Live Gold members can now have access to multiplayer functionality for games as long as you get a hold of them over the weekend.

According to Joystiq, some of the games that you can enjoy include Assassin's Creed 3, Gears of War: Judgment, Halo 4,Far Cry 3, FIFA Ultimate Team Spring Classic, and more for free.

Basically, multiplayer functionality will be unlocked for all Xbox games, even the more recent ones like Tomb Raider, so it's going to be an entire weekend of gaming.

And as though gearing for the next-gen thrust for going more than gaming, the Xbox Live weekend will also allow content for Now TV, LoveFiLM, and Netflix for those who want to enjoy entertainment as a break from all the games.

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