Xbox 720 Release Date and Specs Revealed

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Microsoft has stayed silent regarding the release date and specs of Xbox 720. Microsoft has not even mentioned even a whisper of Xbox 720 at this year's E3. All that is about to change as a new leaked document revealed details about the all-elusive Xbox 720 from Microsoft.

The leaked document about Xbox 720 is a 56-page PowerPoint presentation which details different important and interesting information about Xbox 720. The document was supposedly created last August 2010 and it was marked as "for discussion only". The document also describes the Xbox 720 as "Quiet. Cool. Green."

Here are some of the interesting points of the leaked document about Xbox 720:

Xbox 720 Specs

The Xbox 720 will be more powerful than the current Xbox 360. In fact, it is said to be at least 4-6 times more powerful than Xbox 360. Aside from that, the document states that the Xbox 720 will be running with a processor with 6-8 cores either ARM or x86. The Xbox 720 is also slated to have 2Ghz with 64ALU GPU running at 1GHz and 4GB of memory. This improvement in the hardware would enable Xbox 720 to have "true 1080p and full 3D" output as well as flexible resizing and compositing. 

As for storage, the Xbox 720 will have a Blu-ray disc drive, internal Flash storage, and a hard disk drive. In terms of Internet connectivity, the Xbox 720 will reportedly utilize both WiMax and HSDPA (3G) coverage. Other features of the Xbox 720 are enhanced accuracy, stereo imaging, improved voice recognition, four-player tracking support and a boosted RGB camera.

Xbox 720 Release Date

According to the leaked document about Xbox 720, it will be released on 2013 with a holiday season launch. 

Xbox 720 Retail Price

The suggested price as seen in the leaked document is US$299 for the Xbox 720. 

Microsoft has not yet confirmed nor denied the information that came from the leaked document. All of these leaked information about the Xbox 720's specifications and target release date could still change depending on Microsoft's decision over this new gaming console.

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