Xbox 720: No Longer Always-On, Runs Windows 8, Smartwatch & a Winning Next-Gen Console?

  on April 18 2013 2:16 PM

Is the always-on rumor for the next-gen Xbox 720 finally abolished? If an anonymous source with a Pastebin post on the latest "insider details" on the Xbox 720, it seems likely that the always-on feature is nothing but a scare and a rumor.

"You are not required to be connected to the Internet in order to play Durango games and [Microsoft] were NEVER considering doing such a thing," said the source as quoted by Ubergizmo. "Now please, just read that last sentence over and over again until it sinks in."

This makes pretty good sense considering what happened to Microsoft senior employee Adam Orth after the Twitter drama on the always-on rumor. But the next question would be the fate of the anonymous source, but that's best left with Microsoft to deal with.

In addition to this, rumors on a Windows 8-backed Xbox 720 have also been in circulation. According to VG 24/7, the Xbox 720 will run on the full version of the Windows 8 along with the WinRT framework, in the hopes of boosting Microsoft's next-gen console to a more indie level ahead of its competition.

This will hopefully make it easier for indie developers to create games for the new console.

Xbox 720, the better console? Industry analyst thinks so

Until now, the Xbox 720 is codenamed Durango, and is reported to have an Xbox 360 system-on-a-chip, which also aims to solve backwards compatibility problems, and again, abolishing the second, most hated feature rumor for the Xbox 720.

Considering that the two major pitfalls of the next-gen Xbox have been supposedly put to a temporary halt (until the next round of speculations or confirmations begin), industry analyst Michael Pachter's claim of the next-gen Durango being the winning console seems to have solid ground.

"The reason I think Microsoft wins, I think that you're going to get a subsidy. That's a gigantic advantage, until Sony picks up the slack and does the same kind of thing, and that's why I think TV is a killer app," said Pachter to Now Gamer.

"I think you're going to see Xbox Live with tiered pricing, so if you get TV service, you pay a little more because you get rid of your cable box. It's going to get kids to say to their parents, hey, get the Xbox because it's 100 bucks because we can talk to grandma and we get cable TV and I really want to play it."

But Pachter also adds that, while Microsoft seems to be ahead, it's easy enough for Sony to follow suit for its PS4. It may be a matter of whether Sony will risk letting Microsoft in first to survey the reception before turning the PS4 onto a similar road.

 A Microsoft smartwatch in the works?

Recently, it has been reported that Microsoft may be dabbling with smartwatch technology. And now, it appears that Microsoft has been in the drawing board for the smartwatch prototype since last year, reports The Verge.

According to what has been revealed, the Microsoft smartwatch may feature a 1.5-inch touch display and a MagSafe-like connector for power and data.

Microsoft already has the prototype down, given its SPOT smartwatches back in 2004 for weather forecasts and stock quotes.

Reports have not yet confirmed if the smartwatch will be for a different project-as can be seen with the smartwatches that are being developed by Apple and Samsung-or if it will be used as an accessory for gaming.

Nevertheless, it's a pretty novel technology for gaming, and can be their start at a mobile gaming device.

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