Xbox 720 Blocks Secondhand Games


It seems like a battle of interest and profit as to how people will receive the rumors on the Xbox 720's potential transfer to first owner game play.

Edge magazine reports that the potentially biggest change in the next generation Xbox would be its online functionality. Does this mean perpetual connection to the Internet when you play your game?

As Geekosystem reports, second hand games have always found a profitable industry with retailers, because of gamers who are happy to save money to play a new game. On the other side, there is also the game makers, who make their money creating new games, which gamers also enjoy playing.

It's a chicken-and-egg situation that has pushed on in harmony, until sources who have experienced the next generation Xbox said otherwise.

But, according to The Guardian, moving to a digital platform may well be the future of gaming-the question is just when it will happen.

The next-gen Xbox at a glance: Specs and features

SlashGear reports that releases on the Xbox 720 specs come to the public in piecemeal. But the latest addition to the list of possible specs of the next-gen console comes from former Microsoft executive Joachim Kempin.

To fully battle with Sony, Kempin reportedly said that the Xbox 720 may even get a touch screen in lieu of how Microsoft progressed to its Windows 8.

The Examiner also delves into the possible specs that supposedly make the Xbox 720 a strong competitor against the PC.

For starters, the Xbox 720 is supposed to have the capabilities for a Direct3D 11, in direct competition with PC's DirectX 11. Other specs include a 32 MB of ESRAM as an improvement on its predecessor.

Sparking anger

The possible move to a purely online platform has its downsides. Aside from gamers who prefer the old-fashioned approach to how they play their game, retailers of games in physical stores and branches will not like the shift, as this can mean the death of profit from second-hand games, according to Daily Mail.

There's even the possibility that hackers will immediately come to the aid, if the worst-case scenario is realized, just to get back the status quo on games.

However, Telegraph reports that some analysts have been quick to appease the crowd. "We are confident that both the new PlayStation and the new Xbox will support used games," said Michael Olson to Telegraph.

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