Xbox 720: 4 Things Microsoft Should Do to Surpass the Sony PS4 [PHOTOS]


Even though it was Sony who recently unveiled the upcoming PS4, attention of the gamers happen to be focused on what the Microsoft Xbox 720 can offer in the heating battle between the two gaming consoles. In order to surpass Sony's latest PlayStation, Microsoft should do the four things listed below with their Xbox 720.

1.       Launch improved Xbox games compared to the Original Xbox with game sharing capability. Recent reports suggest Sony PS4 might block used games created from the previous PlayStations so Microsoft should carefully consider this aspect to defeat the PS4.

2.       Providing a ground-breaking controller as well as utilizing the latest Illumiroom technology with the updated Kinect 2.0 feature. Sony offers the re-designed controller and a PlayStation Eye camera to the PS4. Microsoft's updated Kinect 2.0 with AR glasses and a projector can allow gamers to expand the TV display across the room for more Xbox 720 experience.

3.       Continue with the pricing strategy used with the Xbox 360. Sony is projected to offer a price ranging from $350 to $500 for the PS4. As for the Xbox 720, Microsoft can have the competitive edge against the anticipated expensive price of the PS4. The new gaming console will reportedly arrive in two packages with a price of $300 and $400 for the other.

4.       Early release date. At the PS4 unveiling event on February 20, Sony announced the gaming console's release date will be around the holiday season with the hopes of selling out the hottest gaming product for 2013. An early Xbox 720 release will definitely put Microsoft on top of its rival company.

Microsoft has not officially confirmed when the Xbox 720 will be revealed but recent reports suggest that the gaming console will have its grand launch at the Game Developer's Conference in March or at the E3 Conference in June.

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