X Factor USA Season 3 Top 16: Reason Fox Show Will Not Be On Air Until Oct. 29 [PHOTOS]

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As the Four Chair Challenge has ended on Season 3 of “The X-Factor USA” 2013, America can’t wait to see the live performances of this year’s hopefuls who made the cut of the Top Final 16.

Since a new episode on “The X Factor USA” was not aired last week, Oct. 16, the show’s devoted followers are wondering whether they will see their top favorites on the show. Everyone is excited since the live performances are set to begin.

To everyone’s chagrin, fans will yet again miss a new show of Fox’s reality singing competition this week. But the show will not be on the air until next week, Oct. 29.

Why no “X Factor USA” again this week?

According to Gossip & Gab, no Simon Cowell to defend Alex and Sierra’s love on air once again this week because of the Major League Baseball and the playoffs. The news outlet noted however, that “The X Factor USA” will be back next week.

On Week 8 of “The X Factor USA” (spoilers!), it is said that Cowell’s four group acts will perform - one tough thing for the top finalists as they are set to sing live.

The four acts under the “group” category on the show are composed of lovers, Alex and Sierra, Restless Road, RoXxy Montana and Sweet Suspense. All four acts are being mentored by British mogul, Simon Cowell.

 The hopefuls visited the soon-to-be-dad last Sunday, Oct. 20 and they had a chance to take a look at his Beverly Hills mansion. From the group, it was the Restless Road, comprised by male members who were photographed admiring Cowell’s expensive car collection.

All the members of the group act were all smiles when they were seen arriving at the mogul's mansion.

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