‘X-Factor’ USA Judge Demi Lovato Shows New Side of Her as She Gets More Harsh Bringing Her Own Brand of Brutal Honesty to Hopefuls


‘The X-Factor USA’ judge Demi Lovato has started to shed some gentleness on the panel and apparently goes the road she had less travelled in Season 2 of the reality competition - - being honestly brutal as if making true her wishes that she wanted to be like Simon Cowell.

It has been observed in the early days of the audition that Demi has been bringing her own brand of brutal honesty and harshness - - a far cry from the Demi Lovato we have seen her in her first season on the show in 2012.

After a few days off from the show, following her father’s death in mid-June 2013, Demi has come back, yet sort of a different person, said unrealitytv.co.uk.

She was noticeably forward to the hopefuls in the Denver auditions, noted the report. The Latina singer expressed exactly what she had in mind to every contestant who performed before her and fellow judges.

One poor contestant who performed her own rendition of Rihanna’s hit song, “Only Girl (In The World)” got a taste of the “new Demi.” Though Demi only sounded off what Simon had first said, it was a bit refreshing to hear Demi mouthed the words sending the poor contestant to the reality of her own performance.

“You remind me of when I am outside a night club in Vegas at 5 a.m. and there are drunk girls leaving the club singing,” Cowell began describing what he thought of the performance.

Without calculating her thoughts like usual, Demi strengthened Simon’s take and said: “I agree with Simon, actually. I feel like you’re kind of the reason I don’t drink anymore.”

It will be recalled that Demi said mid-June that she had hoped to be like Simon Cowell on The X-Factor USA.

"Whatever he has to say, it's the honest truth," Demi was quoted as saying by Entertainmentwise.com, as noted in an earlier report by IBTimes-AU.

Describing what she liked most about Simon and the way he handles himself on the judges’ panel, Demi was in awe of what she wished she could be barely a month ago.

Demi said, “He knows what he's talking about, he knows that he's doing and he's gonna tell you straight up, whether you want to hear it or not.”

Well, it looks like the Heart Attack singer is on her way to the road Simon has been travelling since American Idol - - brutal honesty that no contestant would rather not hear when it is too much.

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