'X-Factor USA' 2013 Week 2 Recap: Meet the Filipino-American who Impressed Judges at Audition [VIDEO]

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Despite the low ratings “The X-Factor USA” has been earning since it premiered this month, Fox’s reality show has remained steadfast and keeping promise to discover talents like it never has before. One of them of Filipino-American, Ellona Santiago.

The judges were very impressed of the sixteen year old Fil-Am with her rendition of hit song, “Wings” by Little Mix.

The teen hopeful surprised the judges, especially Kelly Rowland who initially thought she was a “shy” little girl only to change dramatically, when she heard her voice as she sang.

“First of all, I thought you’re cute that you’re [shy and then], what in the word? Who is this person? That’s what I love the most because whoever that girl was, she came out and she made business. Wow,” the new judge said of Ellona, according to Philippine local news outlet, ABS-CBN.

Simon Cowell sang the same tune as Rowland. The British mogul even hinted willingness to work with the young contestant.

Known for his brutality and harsh remarks to contestants, Cowell sounded soft and generous with praise for Ellona, “I love this girl. You are seriously good,” he said.

Upon hearing what SiCo said, it was Ellona’s turn to ask the head judge a question. She wanted to know if he remembers her, revealing that she already auditioned during the show’s first season.

It was Demi’s time to share her thoughts on Ellona assuring the teen contestant that she would have gotten her Yes-Vote in Season 1 had she been on the judges’ panel back then.

“Had I been here first season, you would have gotten through,” Demi said.

“Fortunately, this year, we’re going to have so much fun together and you’re going to say ‘Simon you’ll never gonna forget about me ever, ever, ever again.’ I think you’ve made this easy. I say yes.”

Having earned thumbs up from the judges on week 2 of the” X-Factor USA” Season 3, Ellona vowed not to waste the opportunity.

“This chance is more important than my last chance because I’m going to try to make it up there not as part of a group but as a soloist. I’m so happy,” she noted.

Meanwhile, Simon may have forgotten Ellona Santiago but the name of the soon-to-be-dad appears to be in everyone’s mind with the increasing slump of the “X-Factor USA” ratings. Simon has been receiving the flaks with the decrease in ratings and though insiders describe him as still in “good place,” questions have been raised as to the fate of Simon and the show he brought to the States from UK.

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