X-Factor USA 2013: Should Simon Cowell Be Fired from Fox Show after Poor Debut Ratings?; Top Reasons Why

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The X-Factor USA premiere on Sept 11-12 had recorded an all-time low in ratings despite the noise created by having a new formula of three female judges and one lone male judge---the first ever in the history of reality TV in the U.S. Questions are now being raised if the show’s creator and head judge, Simon Cowell, should get the boot following its failure.

First, let’s talk numbers.

X-Factor USA debuted with not a very impressive 6.45 million viewers and 2.2 rating from audience with age bracket from 18 to 30 years old. This is a lot lower than the 7.5 million viewers who tuned in to see Britney Spears debut on the show in Season 2.

The premiere’s figure is a 17 per cent loss of the viewers last in one year. And The Independent believed that Cowell should get worried, following the lowest ratings.

Why should the British media mogul get worried?

1. Unwavering popularity The Fox reality show has never really attracted audience the same way American Idol has been adored by America. Despite the low ratings suffered by American Idol, it continues its legacy as one of the most popular reality show on television.

2. Talents with star factor The X-Factor USA still fails to produce talents with the same caliber and star factor as American Idol. AI has Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson, Scotty McReery and Lee DeWyze. Even its runners up like Jennifer Hudson and Chris Daughtry have attracted millions of followers, even has hit songs that topped the Billboard chart.

3. Show’s judges The X-Factor USA has lost four judges in the last two seasons it went on air. It failed to enjoin judges with such commitment and bravado, and with ability to say the right things in order to find new talents. American Idol may have lost its judges, but the last of its judges, Randy Jackson, only made his exit after 12 seasons. The X-Factor promises new things and unexpected moments in its new season as it introduced three female judges and one male judge.

With all the changes incorporated in the new season of the X-Factor USA and with Demi Lovato’s popularity in the mix, will the show survive? Should Simon Cowell be the first to go if the show continues to disappoint in numbers?

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