The X Factor USA 2013 Season 3 Top 4 Finalists Results: How Alex and Sierra Brought Love Back to America [WATCH VIDEO]

Are Alex and Sierra in it for the Win?
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Love is all America can think of when they talk about real life lovers and top 4 finalists, Alex Kinsey and Sierra Deaton --- an act under Simon Cowell’s Group act.

The singing duo continue to enjoy America’s love since they auditioned on day 1 of “The X Factor USA” 2013. When Alex and Sierra auditioned as the show kicked off on Sept 11, 2013, the show’s top contenders began to spread love in America.

It all started with their raw, yet enigmatic, rendition of Britney Spears’s “Toxic.”

Watching back their audition video, Alex and Sierra showed nothing more but “magic” and love was all over the stage and the studio.

There was no doubt that the couple impressed the judges with their vocals. Paulina Rubio declares she loved the quality of their voice. But they have become America’s top favorite because of what they have to offer on stage - - the chemistry and magic that goes with their love.

As they sang the hit song by Britney, the video showed that there was some degree of “discomfort” between the couple. When Sierra was hitting some high notes, her emotions were written all over her face and she would repeatedly look at Alex, her boyfriend, as if she was hoping and asking for assurance and comfort. Sierra would often turn her heads to Alex when she would reach high notes in "Toxic." She was also seen looking his way when Sierra would sing overlapping Alex's last line.

These raw emotions did not escape the judges and the audience watching Alex and Sierra, first hand. And certainly not America.

“The X Factor USA” judge Demi Lovato could not wait to say her piece for the couple. She “begged” to give her take on Alex and Sierra’s rendition of Spears’s “Toxic.”

“I have chills all over my spine listening to you guys. You are so down to earth, freaking out in the middle of the line. [You’re] cute together. There’s magic," Demi said.

Kelly Rowland agreed with Demi when she said that the two “ignite” love on stage.

Paulina Rubio claims she got “inspired” to see Alex and Sierra, especially seeing them together, holding hands as they awaited the judges’ verdict. The Latina singer reiterated, she’s a “believer,” referring to the love Alex and Sierra have and how the connection between them affirm her being one (a believer). She even made mention the couple looking good together as they held hands on stage.

“I love both of you. You have great vocals. I believe in love, I’m a “believer,” Paulina said.

In the middle of the couple’s performance, Simon Cowell was seen making face. But it was hard to tell if he was enjoying the performance or was not impressed with Alex and Sierra. One moment he would be caught on camera smiling; the next Simon would be seen shaking his head. But as Alex and Sierra brought the house down as they ended the song, the camera zoomed in to Simon and he was caught smiling.

“You know what I thought this is going to be corny when you first came out but actually you're both cool,” Simon said.

And what about the song, Simon?

The British mogul noted that it was an astounding rendition of the pop queen’s “Toxic.”

Simon Cowell is all about “love,” even repeatedly uttered the word “love,” as Alex and Sierra left the stage.

The love and magic later trickled down to America and now has resonated to the whole wide world.

Will love save Alex and Sierra and be declared winner in Season 3 of “The X Factor USA?”

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