'X Factor USA' 2013 Season 3 Top 10 Week 13 Spoilers! Three Acts to be Eliminated? Who Stays for the Win? [VIDEO]

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Has America seen the most dramatic twist on “The X Factor USA” as of yet? TXFU has continued to make bold moves and surprises for their contestants and the audience. America and the world will see yet another jaw-dropping twist this week as three acts are reportedly going to be eliminated by the second night of Week 13.

If you have yet to vote for your favorite act for elimination night Wednesday, Nov. 14, it is time to hit your phone and send in your vote as your favorite act may likely be one of the three to be sent home.

As a result of the voting gaffe on Wednesday Nov. 6, no one was sent home on Nov. 7, Thursday. Everyone, including Josh Levi who came back as a wild card entrant, performed for the vote the second time Thursday last week.

But no one is safe. One has to go home. And the first of the three hopefuls to get the boot will be announced on Wednesday, Nov. 13. The act to be eliminated will be named at the beginning of the two-hour show on day one of Week 13. Wetpaint describes the upcoming elimination a “brutal cut” since one will be forced to get booted off following Josh Levi’s return on Week 12 as a “wild card contestant.”

The question is, will Levi stay longer or will he be eliminated for good this time?

After calling out the first of the three TXFU hopefuls on Nov. 13, all the Top 12 finalists will sing for America’s vote. This week, TXFU sings the 80s and the finalists are expected to sing for the vote to avoid elimination the following night. Two acts will be named on Thursday, Nov. 14.

The “X Factor USA” has been having a tough time on Season 3. Despite the changes as promised by Simon Cowell, the show’s ratings continue to decrease and last week shows the reality competition’s historic low with below 4 million audience share.

Citing figures by the AC Nielsen company, 13ABC noted that Week 12 of TXFU recorded only 4.5 million viewers on Wednesday (Nov. 6) and 3.7 million on Thursday (Nov.7).

The poor ratings is not the only challenge faced by TXFU this season. The show has been bumped a number of times in October to give way to Major League Baseball series.

The ratings and the erratic schedule are likely causing the “X Factor” officials to cut three acts this week. Wetpaint claims that the “show need to get back on course” and this can be done by ensuring that America has its Top 10 by the end of Week 13 in order to have the “customary top three finalists” for the scheduled finale on December 18 and 19, 2013.

More photos of "The X Factor USA" acts can be found here. Scroll down and watch the video of Alex and Sierra from the Group acts. 

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