‘The X-Factor USA’ 2013: Demi Lovato’s Fellow Judge, Kelly Rowland Talks Judging Style, Saying ‘I’m Not a Dream Crusher’


The contestants of the ‘X-Factor USA’ 2013 may find an ally in Kelly Rowland as Demi Lovato’s new fellow judge notes “[she’s] not a dream crusher,” and the show’s hopefuls can simply relax and have fun showing what they got on Season 3.

In an interview with Access Hollywood, the 32-year old former member of Destiny’s Child said that she’s sitting on the judge panel not to ruin lives of hopefuls trying out on the show in hopes to make a name for themselves.

But when push comes to shove, Kelly emphasized that she’s not afraid to tell the truth about one’s ability to perform on stage.

“You have to be honest,” Kelly retorted when asked what she would say when any show’s contestant turned up with no talent at all.

The singer also advised hopefuls to listen to their guts but not forgetting those around them and what they think about their perceived talents - - as they may see it best.

She said, “If you’re thinking you can sing and your momma said, ‘Baby, maybe you shouldn’t do this,’ and you come up there anyway, momma knows best.”

Kelly joins Demi Lovato and Paulina Rubio as the all-female judges to join lone, Simon Cowell for Season 3 of ‘The X-Factor USA’ 2013. This is not the first for Kelly to judge ‘X-Factor’ as the singer already judged for the show’s UK edition a couple of years ago.

There were recent reports that claws have been out from Demi Lovato who is allegedly returning to the third season “with attitude.”

“[Demi] acts like she’s better than the new judges,” the source was quoted as telling In Touch, according to unrealitytv.co.uk. as noted in a separate report by IBTimes-AU. “She has a ‘this isn’t my first time judging’ type of attitude.”

This was debunked last week however by Demi herself without so much words to belie earlier reports. The 20-year-old posted photo of her and the two new judges on Instagram, with a caption expressing her love for both Kelly and Paulina.

Demi Lovato: "Love these girls!!!! "Love these girls!!!!

Kelly and Paulina join Demi and Simon at the second round of filming the show’s auditions in New Orleans on June 11.

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