‘The X Factor Australia’ S06E05 Recap: A One-Man Group Performer, Piano-Playing Berklee Student and Boy Band from Brisbane Steal the Show [VIDEOS]

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“The X Factor Australia” season six continued on Tuesday with aspirants taking their own spin on classic songs on Tuesday.

First up is Trinity, a trio composed of one returning contestant and two of her friends. Kristina auditioned as a duo named Good Question with Joelle Hadjia for the fourth season in 2012. However, the two didn’t pass the home visit stage, which devastated Kristina. Joelle, on the other hand, tried her luck again the next season, placing eighth place overall.

Now it’s Kristina’s turn to try again, but this time as a trio with two of her friends. Calling themselves Trinity, the girls performed “Can’t Hold Us,” impressing the judges with their vocals and choreography.

Not surprisingly, Trinity got four yeses.

Tim Rossington was the next to go to boot camp. When the 24-year-old self-described “baby face” performed Gloria Gaynor’s classic “I Will Survive,” it was apparent that there was nothing infantile about his voice, though.

“That was so original!” Redfoo told him. “That’s pop country, that’s pountry!”

“I want to go to the pub, let me know when you’re playing, I’ll be there,” Ronan Keating said, clearly loving Tim’s performance.

19-year-old Julia Wu could be forgiven for messing up the first lines of Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance with Somebody.” She was still jetlagged when she came to the audition. She just flew from Boston in the U.S., where she is studying piano at the Berklee College of Music.

Her tiny gaffe was reminiscent of last season winner Dami Im’s boot camp blunder, in which almost cost Dami her place in the finals. (Dami was eliminated, but was asked to return.)

And just like Dami, she got right back up and wowed the judges. Her second try was an amazing new sound of the Whitney Houston classic.

“Yes, I wanna dance with you, Julia! Yes, the answer is yes!” Dannii Minogue exclaimed after Julia’s performance.

“It was just simplicity, and it was gorgeous,” Natalie Bassingthwaighte remarked, sending the shy teen to boot camp.

The next contestant was the flashy Jason Parker. The 22-year-old Kiwi moved to Sydney to better suit his big personality, and based on his audition, it was in the right direction.

Jason did not just sing Karmin’s “Broken Hearted,” he owned it. He did not just do the vocals, he also did the song’s everything. The confused judges were all rendered speechless. It was apparent that they were taken aback by what they have just heard.

“I know you’re a solo artist, but that was the best group performance we’ve seen in the X Factor.” Ronan has perhaps best summarised what everyone was thinking.

“I’ve never seen anyone come on and do the lead vocal, the harmonies, the group parts, the track! I liked it!” Natalie said.

Dannii added, “I don’t know what we just saw but that was freaking amazing!”

After getting all the judges’ yes, Jason requested a selfie with Ronan, and had brought out his friends on stage for that coveted selfie.

19-year-olds Daniel, Charlie and Scott took the stage together as Atlas. Even before the best friends from Brisbane performed “Pompeii” by Bastille, female audiences already greeted them with resounding screams.

“If you are gonna be a band, that’s exactly the sound that you need to hear, that’s exactly what you meant to get,” Dannii said after observing how the girls were reacting to the trio.

But while his female co-judges were impressed, Redfoo had doubts, saying, “You guys have a lot of energy. It’s very quirky. I just don’t know how long that can last, just quirky and fun. To be a pop group, you can’t just appeal to…”

“Five thousand screaming girls?!” Natalie interjected, but Redfoo still wasn’t convinced.

Nevertheless, Atlas got four yeses after Redfoo gave in.

It was a funny thing to watch, though, with Natalie and Dannii acting like tween fan girls, while Redfoo and Ronan could only look at their behaviour with wonder.

Amali Ward already had an album that she independently released in the U.S. However, her effort didn’t chart, which prompted her to turn to “The X Factor” for a boost.

She almost didn’t make it to boot camp with her song choice, though. As Ronan said, he didn’t feel she put her best foot forward singing “Rather Be” by Clean Bandit. Redfoo also thought that she needed more work with her vocals, while Natalie didn’t think Amali was ready for the “X Factor.”

Dannii disagreed, giving Amali her “100 per cent yes.”

Redfoo said no, but after Natalie gave her the final third yes, Amali was able to pass the audition.

Blue-haired Nathaniel Tarrant appeared tough and intimidating wearing his leather jacket and spiky shoes, which he made himself as reminder of his late mum. But the big guy actually made a few viewers weep during his pre-audition interview when he related how his mother’s death five years ago brought him down.

The 25-year-old aged care worker’s rendition of Pink’s “Nobody Knows” not only made his dad cry, but also made host Luke Jacobz tear up a bit.

“I’d sensed from your performance that you’ve been through a tough few years. I don’t know you, but I felt it through the performance, your emotion, the delivery. You can’t teach anybody that,” Ronan told him.

“It means a lot to hear it from you, Ronan,” Nathaniel became emotional, explaining that the lady beetle drawing that he held up after his performance is his mum, who was a big fan of Ronan.

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