‘The X Factor Australia’ Recap: Top 12 and the Wildcard Are Chosen [VIDEOS]

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“The X Factor Australia” has picked its Top 12. Coaches Natalie Bassingthwaigthe, Ronan Keating, Redfoo and Dannii Minogue have also asked viewers to vote for a Wildcard who will join the 12 artists in the live shows.

As expected at the end of every Home Visit, emotions were high on Tuesday night’s episode as 24 acts became 12.

There’s a new twist for this season, though. This time, the judges have picked a Wildcard contestant from their remaining acts. The contestant who gets the most votes from the viewers will make it to the Top 13.

Even the most promising artists were shunned in favour of the others whom the coaches think have the better potential.

Here are the Top 12 and the potential Wildcard:

Ronan’s Under 25 Girls: • Marlisa Punzalan (14) • Sydnee Carter (16) • Caitlyn Shadbolt (18) • Wildcard: Alice Bottomley (24)

Natalie’s Under 25 Males: • Dean Ray (22) • Tee (24) • Adrien Nookadu (17) • Wildcard: Jesse Teinaki (22)

Redfoo’s Over 25s: • Jason Heerah (31) • Reigan Derry (25) • Rochelle Pitt (41) • Wildcard: Ryan Imlach (27)

Dannii’s Groups: • Tril (15-year-old Jessica Jade, 14-year-old Angel Tairua and 15-year-old Sheralyn Hill) • Boy Band (16-year-old Harry Targett, 16-year-old Joel Watson and 16-year-old Ellis Hall) • Girl Group (18-year-old Serenity, 19-year-old Tahnie Cristini, 17-year-old Chaska Halliday and 21-year-old Nada-Leigh Nasser) • Wildcard: Brothers 3 (18-year-old Shardyn, 17-year-old Tayzin and 16-year-old Makirum)

There were some explosive reactions on social media. People question why the coaches picked one over the others when it was apparently clear during the boot camp and the home visit that they didn’t do so well.

One of the choices that people considered poor was Ronan’s choice of Sydnee, who kept forgetting her lyrics on the boot camp and didn’t do so well during the home visit. Caitlyn, who failed to hit the high notes when she sang Demi Lovato’s “Skyscraper,” wasn’t also a popular choice for the viewers, who thought that the vivacious Alice Bottomley, Chloe Papandrea and Shanell Dargan were better singers.

Dannii’s Boy Band was also questioned, with some commenters just couldn’t see how they were chosen over the others. The boys, who were formed only during the boot camp, did fairly well at the home visit, although Harry missed a few words from his lines in “What I Like About You” by The Romantics.

Paris Inc didn’t gather a lot of positive comments from Dannii and guest judge James Blunt during their home visit performance. The best that was said about them was they obviously have friendship in the group. That’s why it was a surprise for viewers that they were even picked.

Foo’s choices were generally well accepted, though, according to comments from YouTube, jilted groom Ryan Imlach should have been included in his Top 3.

The only consolation was that Ryan is Foo’s Wildcard choice, which meant there’s a chance that he would still be able to make it to the live shows.

Viewers are encouraged to vote for their favourite Wildcard artist here.

The Wildcard who will join the Top 12 acts will be revealed on Sunday.

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