‘The X Factor Australia’ Contestant Rachael Thompson Pushes Gabrielle Aplin’s ‘Please Don’t Say You Love Me’ to Top of Charts [VIDEOS]

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Rachael Thompson has just passed “The X Factor Australia” audition, but already she’s a star. The 14-year-old One Direction fan’s rendition of Gabrielle Aplin’s “Please Don’t Say You Love Me” has pushed the song to number one on the iTunes charts.

On Sunday, the young aspirant took the stage with her guitar in a bid to impress the judges Redfoo, Natalie Bassingthwaigthe, Dannii Minogue and Ronan Keating. And she did.

She got standing ovation from all judges, with Ronan even cheering so loudly for her. The Irish crooner was so impressed with the teen that he rushed to the stage to give her a hug.

“It was so beautiful, so mesmerising, so perfect,” an amazed Ronan said. “This is the most important yes I’ve ever given in this audition.”

Rachael’s voice was hauntingly fascinating that she has called as the next Adele by some viewers.

Watch Rachael’s performance:

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As it turned out, it’s not just Ronan who was captivated by Rachael’s voice, but the Australian public as well.

People have searched for “Please Don’t Say You Love Me” after listening to the Rachel’s partial rendition of the song. The track shot to number one on the Australian iTunes charts, a year after it was released.

The original singer, Gabrielle Aplin, even thanked the younger singer for helping her song reach the top.

Gabrielle, 21, called KIIS FM on Monday while Rachael was on air to express her gratitude.

“I’m really excited to speak to you,” the British songstress told the shocked teenager. “I think you’re amazing.”

For her part, Rachael explained that she’s a “big fan” of Gabrielle, that’s why she chose her song for the audition.

“That was one of my favourites songs that she’s written.”

The single “Don’t Say You Love Me” and the album “English Rain,” which was released in May 2013, are currently both on top of the iTunes charts.

Gabrielle Aplin’s “Please Don’t Say You Love Me”

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