‘The X Factor Australia’ Boot Camp Day One Recap: Early Favourites Eliminated [VIDEOS]

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“The X Factor Australia” broke hearts on the first day of boot camp. The Seven Network reality competition show lost some of the early favourites on Sunday night.

No one was safe. Even the ones who got standing ovation from the judges and the audiences all took the heat when they failed to live up to their first performance.

Judges Ronan Keating, Natalie Bassingthwaighte, Redfoo and Dannii Minogue had the tough job of picking the talents that they thought have X factor.

“The girls are stronger than the boys now,” Natalie observed after disastrous group performances by the boys and impressive acts by the girls.

Perhaps it was Jesse Teinaki’s performance that has restored the judges’ faith in the boys.

At the first audition, Jesse came off a bit cocky for Ronan’s taste, so he was hoping to impress the Boyzone star in his next performance.

And impressed Ronan he did.

“Great performance,” Ronan told him.

The youngest girls – Rachael Thompson, Marlisa Punzalan and Erin Miranda – all appeared as meek as they first auditioned, but all fell flat when they performed with their respective groups.

The over 25 girls – composed of math teacher Stephanie Totino, aids worker Mary Ann Van Der Horst and single mum Rochelle Pitt – clashed attitudes during practice, but so far impressed the judges during their group performance.

Some of the groups also didn’t leave enough impression to make it to the second round of boot camp challenge. Siblings Sina and Soni, who were outstanding during their first try-out, underwhelmed.

Day One of boot camp cut the aspirants’ number in half. There were those whom the judges didn’t think would be successful as solo performers in the show, but would perhaps do great as a band.

Serenity, who almost didn’t pass the first audition, was given a second chance to join a girl group. She wasn’t thrilled, but it’s either join the group or go home. So with no real choice at all, she conceded.

“She can’t rap every song,” Dannii noted of Serenity.

“I’m solo, but I’ve always been solo. But I’ve been put into a group, so this is happening,” the disappointed aspirant said.

She’s lucky, though. The others weren’t so much. Early favourites like Sina and Soni, Mary Ann Van Der Horst, Justin Vasquez, Nathaniel Tarrant and Julia Wu.

Rachael Thompson, who pushed Gabrielle Aplin’s “Please Don’t Say You Love Me” to number one on iTunes charts, also failed to advance.

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After the heartbreaking scene, the judges were told what category they will be mentoring. Redfoo got the over 25-year-olds, Natalia got the boys, Dannii got the groups and Ronan was given the girls.

Ronan’s girls then took the stage individually. Marlisa, 14, again wowed the judges with Jessica Mauboy’s “Never Be the Same.” She has no stage presence yet, the judges critiqued, but she will be getting that.

Perhaps the saddest solo audition was Sydnee Carter’s, who sang “Tennis Court” by Lorde. It was painful to watch the young singer keep forgetting the lyrics to the song.

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