‘The X Factor Australia’ 3rd Elimination Recap: Adrien Nookadu Exits After Deadlock Judges’ Votes [VIDEOS]

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“The X Factor Australia” has let go of another contestant on Monday night. After being in the dreaded bottom two twice, Adrien Nookadu was eliminated from the Seven Network reality competition show.

On Sunday, the categories have each been assigned a decade from which they would choose their song. Dannii Minogue’s Groups took on the ‘90s, Ronan Keating’s Girls had the ‘70s, Natalie Bassingthwaighte’s Boys got the ‘80s, while Redfoo’s Over 25s had the Now.

The contestants generally received positive feedbacks from the judges, though there were some who got mixed reviews, including Reigan Derry, Caitlyn Shadbolt, Sydnee Carter and Adrien.

Bottom two survivor XOX received the most polarising opinions from the judges. The Redfoo and Ronan didn’t think the girls had enough fire, which enraged Natalie and the girls’ mentor, Dannii.

Marlisa Punzalan, the youngest contestant at 14, was adorably clueless about “Grease,” the movie and not Greece the country. Nevertheless, she nailed her performance singing “Hopelessly Devoted to You” by Olivia Newton-John. The judges were in awe of how flawlessly the schoolgirl sang the piece.

On Monday, Redfoo, Ronan and Nat all concurred that XOX might be the next to go, given that the all-girl quartet’s performances were on the decline.

They were mistaken, though. XOX was safe for the week. 16-year-old Sydnee and 17-year-old Adrien, on the other hand, weren’t so lucky; they were thrust in the bottom two.

Sydnee begged for another week with OutKast’s “Hey Ya!” while Adrien implored the judges’ help with Bonnie Raitt’s “I Can’t Make You Love Me.”

The judges’ votes came to a deadlock, with both Ronan and Natalie supporting their own acts, Sydnee and Adrien respectively. Redfoo voted Adrien out, saying Sydnee’s recent performance was impressive, even if her others were not, while Dannii didn’t give a reason for voting out Sydnee.

Deadlock meant they would have to resort to the original public votes, and unfortunately for Adrien, he had the least votes.

Aussie veteran rocker Jimmy Barnes and British songstress Gabrielle Aplin were the guest performers for the week.

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Jimmy Barnes

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