‘The X Factor Australia’ 1st Elimination Night: Trill Goes Home [VIDEOS]

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“The X Factor Australia” act Trill is the first to go. The urban rap group was sent home on Monday night after the judges thought that Adrien Nookadu was a better choice.

Trill, composed of schoolgirls Sheralyn Hill (15), Jessica Jade (15) and Angel Tairua (14), got mixed responses from the judges on Sunday night after performing “I Will Never Let You Down” by Rita Ora.

Redfoo appeared speechless after watching the girls, as if struggling to get the right words out. While he thought they needed to work on their vocals, Ronan Keating thought it was their “trippy” production on stage that was at fault.

The voting public clearly agreed on the two male judges, as evidenced by their votes, or lack thereof, for Trill.

Along with Adrien, the girls took the dreaded bottom two, prompting both acts to engage in a showdown.

Trill took the stage first with “Leave (Get Out)” by Jojo. Adrien then tried to plead for his life with Bruno Mars’ “When I Was Your Man.”

As rules dictate, the judges first decide on who they want to stay for a week more. If their votes get into a deadlock, presenter Luke Jacobz, who looked dapper in black suit and tie, will turn to the original viewers’ votes to determine which between the two acts should go home.

It didn’t come into a deadlock.

Dannii Minogue and Natalie Bassingthwaighte naturally sided with their acts, Trill and Adrien respectively. Foo, who was wearing his crew’s faces on his attention-grabbing jacket to show his support for them, thought Trill didn’t want it as much as Adrien did.

It was then up to Ronan to decide which act should go. He went with his guts and voted out Trill.

With three votes against one, Trill had no choice but to accept their fate.

It was apparent in their faces that their elimination was not what they were hoping for at all. Before the bottom two were announced, they were seen hoping really hard to be safe. Alas, it was not meant to be. They learnt the bad news after their fellow contestants were called safe one by one.

Last season’s winner Dami Im returned on “The X Factor Australia” stage to sing her new single “Gladiator.” Also, the first winner of “Australian Idol” and former “The X Factor” judge Guy Sebastian took the stage to perform “Come Home With Me.”

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