‘WWE’ Star Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts Undergoing Surgery to Remove Tumor After Diagnosed with Cancer

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WWE superstar Jake "The Snake" Roberts found out that he has cancer, and now, Feb. 25, he has to undergo emergency surgery, and battle his way out of the disease.

A doctor checked Roberts' knee on Friday, Feb. 21, and on Monday, Feb. 24, results came and Roberts found out he has growth behind his knee. The growth was confirmed to be cancerous and growing into Roberts' muscle, and the doctor told the wrestler to have it operated immediately.

Roberts told TMZ that he noticed a tumor behind his knee the size of a half dollar in January so he had it tested in February. Roberts also told TMZ that after he underwent surgery, he will only wait a few weeks until he make his return to Jersey Championship Wrestling on March 14 whether he still has cancer or not.

"If the devil can't defeat me, cancer doesn't stand a chance in hell! Pray for sick children who face this horrible disease 'cause The Snake will be just fine" Jake, who spent years battling alcohol and drugs, said.

Jake Roberts was a famous professional wrestler, the son of former wrestler Aurelian "Grizzly" Smith. He was known for carrying a boa constrictor named Damien to the ring for his matches, and he is best known for his two stints in the World Wrestling Federation.

Roberts is also known for making the DDT maneuver a popular move, which started, according to Wiki, in a match where he had his opponent Len "The Grappler" Denton in a front face-lock. But then, Roberts tripped over Denton's foot, making Denton fell backwards and landing on his head.

In December 2007, WWE wrestling news reports said that Roberts was placed in a 14-week voluntary rehab program. And in 2008, it was reported that Roberts was doing well after completing the said program.

On April 5, Roberts has an upcoming induction into the WWE Hall of Fame, and he, again, told TMZ that nothing will stop him from getting to New Orleans for the ceremony.

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