WWE Spoilers: WWE Plans to Sign and Use Bill Goldberg in WWE 2K15

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In order to get the ball rolling, WWE is trying to work out a deal with Bill Goldberg that will make him included as a character in WWE 2K15 this fall.

Recently, rumours have swirled that Bill Goldberg will be competing in a match at WrestleMania31 and a new report claims that WWE wants to sign him for WWE 2K15. The company appears to start hyping that up around SummerSlam 2014 to measure the interest of the fans.

According to F4WOnline.com, WWE is preparing to sign Goldberg to a deal this year to set up the Mania event. The alleged plan is to sign Goldberg and feature him in the WWE 2K15 video game, which will be released in the fall. This move, if accurate, will be similar to how WWE promoted Ultimate Warrior prior to the 2K14 version last fall.

Apart from the possible WWE 2K15 promotion, WWE also appears to promote Goldberg at SummerSlam in August and build toward Mania, which might feature a match or an induction to the WWE Hall of Fame.

On the other hand, Goldberg revealed through PWInsider.com that he had a number of conversations will COO Triple H, none of which particularly mentioned the rumoured Ryback match or any match at WrestleMania 30.

But then again, Goldberg said something about this interest in a WWE return which reads, "Would I love to do it again and have my son and my wife, who has never seen me wrestle? Abso-damn-lutely. Would I jeopardise what I've done in the wrestling world just to make that happen? No. So if I wasn't ready to do it, physically ready to do it, and it wasn't the right situation, I wouldn't do it just to do it. If that was the case, I'd probably be at WrestleMania this year. It just has to be right and if it's not right, then I'm retired, for good."

Thus far, Goldberg himself did not confirm nor deny going to work in a big match at Wrestlemania 31. Also, apart from the event being almost a year away, there have been no negotiations whatsoever between the two sides just yet.

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