'WWE 2K15' Xbox One PS4 Release Date: More 'Polished' Gameplay Coming From 2K

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The first wrestling title "WWE 2K14" came with flashes of brilliance in its debut last fall but it also showed some issues as well. The game's A.I was not pretty good and the commentary is repetitive


"Obviously we were all very happy to be able to get the license, be a part of the WWE universe, bring on a new team, and still get a game done in the midst of what was an absolute disaster," said Mark Little, WWE 2K15's executive producer revealed Polygon. "So the fact we were able to get WWE 2K14 done is a testament to everybody who was involved in that project."

Now, with the upcoming "WWE 2K15" debut on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles, 2K is starting over again. Although not many details have been released, 2K shed a little light on its plans at E3.

Thus far, the main focus of the team is to push the idea of a "more polished" game. Hopefully, there will be no wrestlers jumping up to their feet after taking a finishing move or going through a series of eight move reversals before hitting a move. "We're not a fighting game featuring WWE superstars," Little said.

2K is trying to achieve the "WWE 2K15" broadcast style up at par with its real-life counterpart. Another argument among fans is that although the game plays like an arcade game, the commentary and camera angles must feel like real WWE broadcast. 2K is trying to fix that by having announcers to record new sound bites and voice together so the commentary will sound better and more fluid.

The new commentary that will be added per announcer will be around 30-35 hours, according to GameInformer. Although 2K is trying to recreate WWE TV production values and in-ring style, it won't be spot on revealed Little.

"The choreography that goes on in a match in the WWE is a very different thing than what we'll be able to replicate. But what we will be able to bring to life is that opportunity to have that experience. So if you want to use the ring psychology of a wrestler, the match will play out like a normal wrestling match should."

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