‘WWE 2K15’ Updates: Graphics Comparisons, Career Modes and A Possible Leaked New Roster Addition


Recently, the first screenshot for "WWE 2K15" was released featuring WWE superstar and game cover character John Cena facing off with Randy Orton who can only be identified by his tattoos. This time, the newest screenshot features Randy Orton in the same face-off scene.

Now, it seems that "WWE 2K15" will really be a graphical leap of the game, compared to its predecessor, the "WWE 2K14."

Attack of the Fanboy reports that a few more screenshots featuring Orton has been released, with the source putting it side by side with Orton's character model from "WWE 2K14." There's a very visible leap in the quality of the two. The details in the tattoos alone are very pronounced as well as the lighting and contours of his face and arms.

Of course, these are sample screenshots of the game as seen through the PS4 and Xbox One, so gamers may need the next-gen consoles to experience this level of detail and graphical improvement for "WWE 2K15."

My Career Mode Gets Detailed for 'WWE 2K15'

Still going on with the next-gen consoles, another perk that sets apart "WWE 2K15" from the rest of the games in its franchise is My Career Mode, which will be exclusive to those that will be playing on either the PS4 or Xbox One.

According to Bleacher Report, the mode takes off from "NBA 2K14," though the details of how it will be applied to "WWE 2K15" has not been divulged. The report does state that it seems to be the better title for adaptation, as it will allow fans the ability to create their own wrestler. One reason for why the My Career Mode is supposedly a better fit for "WWE 2K15" is that it's a more character-driven title compared to the NBA 2K14."

Another Character Possibly Leaked?

Last on the latest round of updates for "WWE 2K15" is the supposedly leaked new character coming to the roster of the game.

Wrestling Inc. reports that The Miz had leaked that he was scanned for "WWE 2K15." Now, The Miz has not yet been revealed as a character for the title, but it seems that, in another interview with ChampChong at Australia with WWE, he mentioned this tiny bit of info, though not much else was divulged.

2K Sports has already detailed the release date of "WWE 2K15," with a launch scheduled on Oct. 28, 2014, and internationally for the Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360 and PS3 on Oct. 31, 2014.

Interview with The Miz (Credit: YouTube/ChampChong)

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