WWE 2K15 Roster Speculations Continue as Sting Shows Up for Comic Con

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Summerslam is not the only thing that's garnering fan support and excitement, as speculations and wish lists for the "WWE 2K15" roster continue to fly.

The latest finding involves a supposed leaked list of the roster for the title, spotted by DualShockers floating around online.

According to the report, the leaked list may have been taken from a still unpublished issue of GameInformer. The leaked list, despite looking colourful by the minute, actually contains a few inconsistencies that question the legitimacy of the leak.

In the report, one of the noted names that put the leaked "WWE 2K15" roster in question is CM Punk. His name has been included despite the fact that the wrestler has been very vocal about leaving his days in the WWE behind. While merchandise of CM Punk is still rampant, he is usually not included in cases such as this.

More than this, there's also some wrongly attributed to missing WWE superstars that are expected in the list. One of this is Justin Gabriel, who is already known to appear in "WWE 2K15" due to a previous leak of a picture featured for the title.

The entire leaked list for "WWE 2K15" can be found in the link above, but as of this writing, the report has also updated that the leaked list has been disconfirmed by 2K Sports.

"I can let you know that the list isn't accurate and we'll be announcing the roster on August 16," said a 2K Sports representative to DualShockers.

As far as the confirmed roster coming to "WWE 2K15" is concerned, Bleacher Report has enumerated the confirmed and sure superstars. For now, there are six superstars sure to be coming in with the roster:

- Hulk Hogan

- John Cena

- Roman Reigns

- Sting (and a retro version of him)

- Bray Wyatt

- Cesaro

Sting at Comic Con and as a Playable Character

Considering that the leaked list for "WWE 2K15" is already disconfirmed, one way to know which WWE superstars will be part of the game is to stay tuned on August 16, Saturday, when the official roster for the game will be revealed.

Sting has already been confirmed as a preorder bonus character for "WWE 2K15." According to Eurogamer, the preorder will bring you Sting in two ways. You can have Sting as a playable character for "WWE 2K15" as either his black and white face-painted appearance or his blond hair version.

In the recently held SDCC 14, IGN also reports that Sting also made an appearance together with fellow playable character in the roster Hulk Hogan, which you can see in the video below.

Sting in SDCC 14 (via YouTube/WWE)

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