WWE 2K15 Release Date Update: Big Reveals to Expect in this Fall's WWE

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The WWE 2K14 released last fall had decent reviews and a lot of slack was given to the game because it was 2K's first attempt to create a wrestling title and the 30 Years of WrestleMania mode is great.

As spring approaches, 2K has still not released much about the WWE 2K15. Usually, around the WWE Summerslam and August are when news begin to pour but thus far, we know that WWE 2K15 will make its first appearance on the PlayStation 4and the Xbox One consoles. Furthermore, it has been ascertained that the WWE 2K15 roster will include the new superstars who appeared on WWE television like the WWE Divas Champion Paige and The Wyatt Family. However, apart from the aforementioned there is nothing much to talk about the upcoming WWE 2K15 but here are the expected big reveals in this fall's release of the WWE 2K15.

Although the 2K14 is a great game, there is more than can be done to it and hopefully be in the WWE 2K15 game.

A Mode Similar to the 30 Years of WrestleMania

There is no doubt that the 30 Years of WrestleMania mode is the saving grace of the WWE 2K14. In WWE 2K13, it was the Attitude Era mode which featured the best moments of WWE in the late 90's. A similar mode will fire up the WWE 2K15 and the idea is tad of the box.

Improved Artificial Intelligence

Back to the THQ days of the franchise artificial intelligence was close to being laughable and matches would go on forever with no reason at all. With the WWE 2K14, the AI hasn't improved much as well. CPU games could go as long as 45 minutes and it ends up unwinnable. A better AI means a better gaming experience.

More Interesting Universe Mode

The current Universe Mode is flawed with weird title rankings and matches that happens over and over again, not to mention that it is boring and tedious. It is refreshing to see improvements like voice-overs, cut scenes with sense, some original storylines, better logic of the matches and more energy.

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