WWDC 2014: Two Features Apple Borrowed From Android and Snapchat for iOS 8


Apple unveiled the next iteration of the most anticipated operating system, iOS 8, at its Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco. The iOS 8 Beta 1 is now available for download starting today.

Readers, who are interested in downloading the beta version of iOS 8, can check out the instructions and installation guide from IBTimes.

Although iOS 8 introduced quite a lot of enhancements and new features, there are two interesting features that are lifted from Android and Snapchat.

Widgets in iOS 8

One of the unique and appreciated aspects of Android is the 'Widgets.' According to Slash Gear, Apple is jumping on the bandwagon by introducing 'Widgets' in iOS 8. The Notification Center and the browser Safari are slated to get this feature. It is worth noting that, Apple widgets are optional and they can be activated via an app.

The slight difference between the widgets of Android from that of iOS 8 is that, iOS 8 widgets will not stay on the home-screen of the device. Alternatively, iOS 8 widgets will share the drop down hub with app notifications, says Engadget.

In addition, developers are now free to create widgets for iOS 8 apps.

Snapchat Knockoff

According to Yahoo, iOS 8 has introduced the 'self-destructing' messaging option to 'Messages' along with several other striking features.

Users will now have the ability to send audio messages with a tap and swipe. Interestingly, the audio messages can be saved or can be self-destructed in several minutes, which is similar to Snapchat.

In addition, users will be given the ability to name the threads, add or remove friends from a group messaging session, and can activate 'Do Not Disturb' mode. Also, this software update supports 'quick view' page to check out all the attachments that have been sent, pertaining to a particular messaging thread.

Interested readers can check out the latest iOS 8 update that allows users to make phone calls and send SMSes directly from Mac by clicking here.

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