WWDC 2011 Conference: iPhone 5 launched today?

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While many are still hoping that Apple will be launching iPhone 5 today at the WWDC conference, a recent press release by the company which listed all the fresh products coming to WWDC next week made it clear that Apple’s customary summer debut is not happening this year.

The conference has caused rumors that iPhone5 will be released today because of Steve Jobs' presence at the event. The co-founder and chief executive officer has been medical leave this year but is back to deliver a presentation in the conference.

Rumors have suggested that Japan’s recent catastrophe had affected the release of the latest mobile phone as Apple’s manufacturer of lithium ion batteries has shut down. Not only was there a product shortage but also lack of enough supply of materials used in different Apple products such as iPad, iPod Touch and the like.

Whatever the reasons behind the shortage or the delay in their product launch are, suggestion overflow from rumors and Apple is the only source that can shed some light on these.

However, in relation to today’s conference, it has been talked about that Apple will be exhibiting its latest mobile software, iOs 5 wchich is believed to have Twitter integration that goes beyond basic features like photo sharing and sending tweets. More so, the software is expected to come with some forms of thingamajigs from Android and Windows Phone 7. Thirdly, Apple’s cloud service, iCloud is rumored to cost $25 annually and will be offered through iCloud.com. Soon after Apple is done with the official launch, its newest software for Mac, Mac OS X Lion 10.7, is expected to come out too.

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