‘Wreck It Ralph’ Director Rich Moore Says Tabletop Pac-Man is His Favorite Videogame

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The latest 3D film of Disney "Wreck It Ralph" may consist some of the famous video game characters such as Bowser, Pac-Man and Sonic the Hedgehog. Well, thanks to Rich Moore's brilliant film animation direction. When asked what his favorite videogame is, "Wreck It Ralph" director Rich Moore revealed that "For old school, it is Tabletop Pacman."

The story of "Wreck It Ralph" is about a video game villain with the hopes of turning into a hero after being outshined by the good guy "Fix It Felix." Initially, "Fix It Felix" was the star of the animated film. However, Rich Moore and screen writer Phil Johnston shifted their attention to "Wreck It Ralph" when things were not really going well with the movie project.

According to Moore, the areas "Wreck-It Ralph" regularly appears vary from 8-bit designs to a world called "Hero's Duty" with a live-shooter atmosphere featuring numerous of vivid lighting similar to the Super Nintendo games. "It's like Mario Kart mixed with Candy Land because everything in the world is made out of sweets and cookies. It was a challenge to our design and lighting department to make sure things looked the way they should," Moore shared.

Meanwhile, the 3D animated film has soared over the weekend box office list since it officially hit US theaters last November 2. According to Examiner.com, "Wreck It Ralph" took the number one spot with an estimated $49 million earning.

"Wreck-It Ralph" is scheduled for a release in Australian cinemas on December 26. Check out the movie trailer below.

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