Wraparound, Curved Display Panel to Banner New Galaxy Note 4 Form-Factor on Sept 2014 Release Date?

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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 concept image
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 concept image Jermaine Smit via ConceptiPhon

The Galaxy Note 4 on its rumoured September 2014 release date will be awesome in a freshly-engineered form factor, which is a spectre directly implied by Samsung.

Last week, a top-level Samsung official hinted of what the Note 4 might be - the next-generation phablet will surely deviate from the design language seen in the Galaxy S5 and previous Galaxy Note builds, the company said.

That the upcoming device is entirely different from its Galaxy siblings is highlighted by the impending deployment of Samsung's YOUM bendable display technology with the Note 4. It appears now that the assertion is backed by a Samsung patent application that surfaced this week.

The patent document, according to SamMobile, is accompanied by sketches (viewable here) that paint the Note 4 as a giant device that boasts of a flexible display panel that overlaps on the right and left edges - extending in fact at the back portion.

The extended screen seems to function in two ways - providing a different view angle for Note 4 users and allowing them at the same time to manipulate the device without touching the front panel.

The multiple drawings showed the purported Note 4 with app icons located at the edge of the three-sided-screen device that give direct access to functions such as Email, Settings, Calendar and Camera applications.

While a concept at the moment, the visualisation certainly fits with Samsung's aim of packaging the Note 4 as a radically redesigned Galaxy phablet when compared to the first three editions. Apart from the form-factor, the newly-unearthed device patent did not touch on likely specs and features.

Realistic as the sketches maybe, with the YOUM technology already available since 2013, it is hard to imagine that this particular Galaxy Note 4 build will make the final cut, SamMobile said on its report.

At best, the Note 4 will emerge out of the box merely mirroring the specs and features that Samsung has earlier unveiled with the Galaxy S5.

The second Samsung flagship this 2014, per recent reports, is projected to show off premium components, under the hood, to power the supersize smartphone's loads of killer feature.

Leading the pack of high-end hardware is Samsung's own 64-bit Exynos processing chip that will be paired with generous RAM on-board, perhaps up to 4GB or even more.

On its release date, likely to coincide with the 2014 IFA Berlin gadget showcase in September, the Galaxy Note 4 with the latest Android, either 4.5 or 5.0, layered of course by Samsung's TouchWiz skin.

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