Wozniak on Samsung Galaxy Gear is Worthless,’ iWatch and Android Wear to Fight Soon

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Samsung Gear did not live up to the expectations of Apple's co-founder Steve Wozniak. According to reports, while Wozniak is best known for being an open individual embracing even some of Android devices, Samsung's wearable device fell short of his standards. The founder even goes as far to say that the Samsung Gear is "worthless." Along with the release of the smart watch, Apple and Google will also be trying their hands on wearable device. Can people expect an excellent series of devices or will wearable tech be a bland sector? 

In a report by Business Insider, Wozniak noted that Samsung Gear does not bring much to the table. He also went as far to say that he could not bear the device even for one day. 

"That was the only technology I bought to experiment with that I threw out after half a day, sold it on eBay because it was so worthless and did so little that was convenient," the Apple co-founder explained. Whereas Wozniak agrees to the necessity address the device, he also points out the device's lack of value. It cannot serve its purpose accordingly thus the tendency to dispose the device upon first encounter or use. 

Woz spoke during the Flying Car innovation even in Milwaukee discussing his experience on Samsung's wearable device. The Apple founder said that Samsung's device failed in delivering the functionality it was intended for. He also said that he was dismayed at finding the product unable to deliver expected results according to Value Walk. 

One of the major challenges when introducing tech devices like a smart watch is the high dependency people already developed with their smartphones. Most consumers turn to their handsets than their watches. Woz explained that an ideal smartwach should provide the functionality of a smartphone with large screen but with the portability of watches. The Galaxy Gear falls short in the convenience category. 

Woz shared his thoughts on Google Glass as well: "It may not be that useful, just like smart watches may not be useful enough to get the critical mass they need to really go ahead. But everything I've done with Google Glass, I actually kind of liked playing with it." 

Apple will be releasing its version of the smart watch sometime soon bearing similar capabilities promised Samsung Gear and Android Wear. 

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