Would You Join the Selfie Olympic?

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The selfie continues to evolve from just being a trend and the buzz word of 2013 to becoming an official game in 2014: the Selfie Olympics.

According to Business Insider, the only goal of this competition involving self photo-taking, is to come up with the most ridiculous, crazy selfie that would blow the mind of everyone.

To help promote this self-centred competition, a Facebook page with almost 50,000 likes was set up. Other social media sites that also promote selfies are part of the promotion too, such as Instagram where by searching for the hashtag #Selfie Olympics, more than 20,000 images would show up. There are also several Twitter accounts dedicated to Selfie images.

On the Facebook fan page, one of the most common themes is selfies of people who are atop an ajar door. There is even a YouTube video providing tips on how to do a door selfie. Here is that video.

YouTube/Brandon Lighten

From attention-craving young people, the selfie bug is spreading around like a virus and biting more people, even older ones like Oscar-award winning actress Meryl Streep and Pope Francis.

Do you think they too would join the Selfie Olympics?

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