Would You Get an iPhone 6 that is Unabashedly Galaxy S4-Inspired?

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Apple is rumoured to be working on a phablet-size iPhone 6 and a new concept envisioned the iOS 7 smartphone as a near Galaxy S4 doppelganger.

In sharing the render, DeviantArt's 'The Techno Toast' admitted that the work "looks like the Samsung Galaxy S4," yet the overall design adheres to that of the recently unwrapped iOS 7 - embracing minimalism with sufficient flair.

The device sports a 4.8-inch screen display, slightly improving from one of the supposed iPhone 6 viewing window dimensions provided by a Reuters report. It should be a given that Retina technology will be part of the package for a Full HD image and video rendering.

The front face is amply protected by the Corning Gorilla Glass 4, taking a page from earlier reports that Apple is sticking with the thin-film coating and dumping a sapphire-covered phone screen.

This iPhone 6 is a virtual locker for power specs, thanks to the mix of an A8 chip that steams to a max speed of 1.9GHz, 3GB of RAM and a 3000mAh battery, the latter supporting suggestions that upcoming iPhone iterations will deliver longer operating hours.

It has a 12MP main cam sensor and its secondary function as a reliable digital camera is backed up by a 128GB internal memory with a surprise addition - a microSD card expansion that swallows in a 64GB extra room.

To access these Android-like device features, users will find a "back glass panel (that) is spring loaded to reveal microSD and battery," with the whole body-make accentuated by an anodised aluminium edging.

While the GUI styling is downright iOS 7, this iPhone 6 render runs in counter with basic Apple design concepts - chief among them are the GS4 look and the ability to extend the handset's original storage space.

Both features, unfortunately, will be remotely possible in the Apple universe.

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