‘The World’s Toughest Job’ Viral Video Criticised Over Manipulative Message

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“The World’s Toughest Job” video is going viral online, but not everyone thinks that it was moving. The four-minute video has been garnering mixed reactions online, with some calling it misleading, manipulative, and a poor attempt at imparting a sentimental message.

A job ad was posted online and in print by a fictitious company called Rehtom, Inc, which is just “mother” in reverse.

As per the listing, the position was for a Director of Operations for its long-term development department. It had a 24/7 shift, and required someone willing to “work mostly standing up and/or bending down.”

The person selected should have a Ph.D. in psychology “or real-life equivalent,” the ability to communicate at all levels (basic to advanced), proficiency in handling sticky situations both literally and figuratively,” and must be willing to work 135+ hours a week without any breaks among many other requirements.

There’s no salary as well. So whoever was lucky enough to score the position shouldn’t expect to be paid. However, the “emotional fulfilment and extraordinary impact on associate success provides a lifetime of purpose and meaningful connection.”

All this was explained to the 24 people who applied for the job.

The applicants dressed up appropriately for the video interview, hoping to impress the interviewer. But as it turned out, they were all duped into appearing at greeting card company CardStore’s Mother’s Day ad.

As the interviewer told the applicants, the job is legal and is currently being occupied by billions worldwide. The position described was actually another name for “mother.”

The few applicants who appeared in the video were pleasantly surprised at the big reveal, expressing their love for their own mum.

And while there are people online who agree with the video, there are also those who felt duped by its maudlin message.

According to the critics of the video, what was supposed to be a loving message was exploited by a greeting card company for profit. Others argued that the title shouldn’t just be for mums, but for dads as well. There are certainly a lot of mothers who were described perfectly by the job position, but, as some commenters pointed out, not every mum is as heroic.

The commenters added the video attempted to induce guilt from the applicants who were probably desperate for a job. It was a “cruel prank,” which tricked people into thinking that they had a chance at landing a legitimate work.

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