The World’s Richest in Technology: Bill Gates Tops Again, Zucherberg is 2013 Top Earner

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Forbes recently released its yearly billionaires list, highlighting the world's wealthiest people of the world. This year has co-founders of WhatsApp, Jan Koum and Brian Acton in the list. However, their less than $10 billion figures are not that close to the richest guys in technology.

Here are the top 15 richest tech billionaires in the world:

1.      Bill Gates (Cofounder of Microsoft) Net Worth: $76 billion

2.      Larry Ellison (CEO of Oracle) Net Worth: $48 billion

3.      Larry Page (CEO of Google) Net Worth: $32.3 billion

4.      Jeff Bezos (Founder and CEO of Amazon) Net Worth: $32 billion

5.      Sergey Brin (Director of Google X) Net Worth: $31.8 billion

6.      Mark Zuckerberg (Founder and CEO of Facebook) Net Worth: $28.5 billion

7.      Steve Ballmer (Ex-Microsoft CEO) Net Worth: $19.3 billion

8.      Michael Dell (Founder and CEO of Dell) Net Worth: $17.5 billion

9.      Paul Allen (Microsoft co-founder) Net Worth: $15.9 billion

10.  Azim Premji (Chairman of Wipro Limited) Net Worth: $15.3 billion

11.  Charles Ergen (Chairman of Dish Network) Net Worth: $15 billion

12.  Laurene Powell Jobs (largest individual shareholder of Disney) Net Worth: $14 billion

13.  Ma Huateng (CEO of Tencent Holdings) Net Worth: $13.4 billion

14.  Robin Li (CEO of China's top search engine, Baidu) Net Worth: $12.1 billion

15.  Shiv Nadar (co-founder of HCL Group) Net Worth: $11.1 billion

Bill Gates

Bill Gates not only tops the list of the world's richest in the technology arena, but also tops the overall list of wealthiest people on the planet according to Forbes' ranking. He had the same spot in 2007 and then was in hiatus for four years.

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook and Technology

The young Facebook owner and CEO Mark Zuckerberg is the year's highest earner whose wealth spiked from $15.2 billion to $28.5 as the social network shares soared. Facebook has helped produce a number of wealthy people who made it to the overall list, including COO Sheryl Sandberg and vice-president Jeff Rothschild. Furthermore, the mega WhatsApp deal gave Koum and Acton their shares of billions to join the wealthiest line of Silicon Valley.

From 26 newcomers of the overall list of wealthiest people, four comes from technology and 10 are Americans such as Drew Houston and Aneel Bhusri, Dropbox CEO and Workday cofounder respectively.

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