World's Most Beautiful Royals: From Kate Middleton to Princess Charlotte of Monaco [PHOTOS]

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Kate Middleton is not the only royal in the world that looks regal and lovely. Read along to find out who among the world's blue-blooded are considered most beautiful.

1.       Crown Princess Mary of Denmark

An Australian with elegant looks and fine taste, Mary Elisabeth Donaldson caught the wandering eye of Denmark's Prince Frederik. When the Prince married her, she then became the Crown Princess of Denmark. Her deep dark hair, model-like features and grace makes her one of the most beautiful princesses of today, not to mention that she looks like a more elegant Maggie Gylenhaal.

2.       Maharani Gayatri Devi

Living a true blue-blooded life as a popular equestrienne, Maharani Gayatri Devi was the daughter of Prince Jitendra Narayan Bhup Bahadur. Her looks made her India's most beautiful royals, especially when she was younger. She passed away in 2009 but the people of Jaipur remember and honor her up to this day because of her charitable pursuits when she was alive.

3.       Princess Charlotte of Monaco

The granddaughter of Princess Grace Kelly, Princess Charlotte surely inherited her grandmother's good looks. Her full lips and doll-like features make her one of the most graceful and good-looking royals ever. Looking like she is straight from the campaigns of high-end fashion brands, Monaco's princess gives the Duchess of Cambridge a run for her money as the most beautiful royal in the world. She also has the brains of a scholar: she practices journalism since it is one of her deepest passions.

4.       Queen Rania of Jordan

Being the Queen Consort of Jordan's King Abdullah II is no easy task, but Queen Rania makes looking beautiful an effortless affair. Known for her dedication in humanitarian work, Rania not only looks regal but has a heart of gold as well.

5.       Princess Madeleine of Sweden

Scandinavian beauty, Princess Madeleine, has the looks and the name of a true royal. Her long blonde hair, jewel-like eyes, and charming smile depict a fairy tale-kind-of princess. Upon looking at Madeleine, it's easy to say that many girls dream to be like her.

6.       Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge

What is a beautiful royals list without Kate Middleton? The Duchess of Cambridge is one of the most photographed women of today, not only because she is Prince William's wife, but also due to her undeniable charm. Her fashion sense makes her as chic as she ought to be, and the way she handles herself is truly how a princess should carry herself.

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