World's Largest Solar Bridge Found In London [VIDEO]

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(Video Credit: YouTube/GeoBeats News)

The ribbon has been cut for the world's largest solar bridge found in London.

Grist reported Network Rail has recently opened the enormous bridge extending its stretch to Thames. The company was also the one behind the amazing rail infrastructure of Great Britain.

The world renowned title has been given to the London Bridge since it has a total of 4,400 solar panels and can render almost half of the energy needed to run the train station at the London's Blackfriars.

Gavin Roberts, senior project manager, explained the complexities of the bridge's solar panel construction.

"We had different sections of roof available at different times to fit in with this complicated jigsaw of getting everything up and going," Roberts said to the Business Green.

He worked for the Solarcentury company who was behind the installation of the panels over the course of 2 years. The operations even took a quick time to halt so as to reduce the impact it can bring to the station as the 2012 Olympic Games were in place.

The world's largest solar bridge in London took about 5 years to make, according to The Guardian. The First Capital Connect also expects all of its panels to minimize the carbon emissions of the station with about 511 tons on an annual basis.

David Statham, managing director, did not just make them environment-friendly but also turned the station into an "iconic landmark." "Electric trains are already the greenest form of public transport - this roof gives our passengers an even more sustainable journey," he added.

The gigantic solar bridge will also serve as a form of promoting London's efforts to make the entire city a sustainable one. It can encourage more tourists to come in, especially those who share the same passion of saving what's left of the Earth along with local employees who can witness the panels work each time they go into the capital.

As to the success of the world's largest solar bridge, Solarcentury only highlighted the great power of early planning in the process.

Suzanne Lashford, commercial sales head for Solarcentury, only shared her high hopes that the solar project will be a bigger inspiration to other developers to come up with similar infrastructure that welcomes renewable energy.

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