World War 3 Averted or Delayed? Syria's Assad to Grow Stronger with Diplomacy, More Syrians Killed in Continuing Conflict

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World War 3 may have been averted when U.S. President Barack Obama has asked Congress to delay the vote on a military strike against the Assad regime in Syria. Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has expressed his intention to surrender all chemical weapons in its arsenal.

Russia has agreed to the idea of a more diplomatic solution to the Syria crisis. However, many political analysts say that pursuing a diplomatic resolution will only allow the Assad regime to extend its stay in power. The proposed surrender of Syria's chemical weapons stockpile will also reduce support for rebels who have long been fighting the Assad regime with the U.S. aid.

A former National Security Council official, Flynt Leverett, said that President Assad will only grow stronger with the U.S. plan to delay the military strike vote.

No formal deal has been confirmed between Syria and the international community. The U.S. could still go ahead with its plan to conduct a limited cruise missile strike as punishment for Syria's use of chemical weapons in an attack that killed over a thousand people. If no agreement is reached, the World War 3 countdown will begin again.

In a speech that attracted 32 million viewers, U.S. President Obama has asked Congress to postpone a vote on a military strike against Syria while the diplomacy route is being taken. He said if the Syrian government failed to surrender chemical weapons or diplomacy efforts were found to be futile, military action will still be pursued.

This means the U.S. can still strike Syria if it does not comply with the terms of a diplomatic resolution, if there will ever be one. Russia has put forward the idea of Syria surrendering its chemical weapons after U.S. Senator John Kerry floated the idea. The diplomatic plan could be formalised by the United Nations as a peaceful resolution.

"It could take years"

The process of removing chemical weapons from Syria could take years. Analysts believe that delaying the military strike will only give President Assad and his Russian backers more time to strengthen the leader's power in Syria.

It is worth noting that Libya's main chemical weapons stockpiles were only completely destroyed within the year. Ten years ago, Libya's Moammar Gadhafi promised to surrender his nuclear and chemical weapons.

More Syrians going to be killed

If Mr Assad does manage to relinquish his chemical stockpile, he will still continue to pursue rebel forces. The Syrian war has already claimed the lives of 100,000 people and drove millions of Syrians away from their homes. The crisis is threatening to spread violence in the Middle East.

The rebel forces, Syrian National Coalition, expressed their disappointment with the U.S. plan to postpone the military strike vote despite possibly delaying World War 3 in the process. The Coalition said it was a political maneuver that may ultimately lead to "more death and destruction to the people of Syria."

It would seem like the beginning of World War 3 and End of Days has been averted for now. However, France remained firm in its stance to pursue military action to punish the Syrian leader for his use of chemical weapons.

If a formal agreement will be drafted with regards to the surrender of Syria's chemical weapons, Syria's next move will prove to be crucial as the rest of the world continues to fear the threat of World War 3.

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