‘World of Speed’ New Trailer Shows a Tour of Moscow [Watch Video]

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A trailer of the upcoming game "World of Speed" shows a McLaren car in Moscow. The trailer compares the real footage on the race track to that of the in game footage. The comparison is expected to showcase how real the graphics in the game look.

"World of Speed" is an online multiplayer action styled racing game. The game has AAA HD graphics and visuals, which gives the players a more realistic racing experience in the game. The racing locations in the game include London, Moscow and Monaco.

The game allows the players to play as a team in an online setting. This marks a departure from traditional racing games where the objective of the game is to singlehandedly beat the competition and race to the finish line. Taking into account the growing number of games which are focusing on better multiplayer experience, teams gain significance in "World of Speed."

Players can also form clubs in the game by joining likeminded fellow players or friends online. The clubs can carry customised logos and compete against other Clubs; players can also compete in high stakes races against clubs in Territory Wars in the game. Joining a Club will give players access to the Club garage social hub.

"World of Speed" allows players to have their own custom garage in the game and they can fill it with a whole range of cars that include the regular cars found on the streets to the fastest super cars in the world.

The producers have also announced a graffiti contest to popularise the game. Gaming enthusiasts can enter their art in the games forum and get a chance to see their graffiti in the game. The deadline for the contest ends on 8 June, 2014.The producers have also released images of the Chevrolet Camaro SS car from the game.

"World of Speed" will have to compete against games like "Drive Club," "Forza Motorsport 5," "Gran Turismo 6," "Need for Speed," and perhaps one of the most popular upcoming games in the same genre "The Crew."

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