Is the World Serious About Smoking Bans? 10 Memes, 5 Parodies Say Otherwise

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The mayor of a city, where a very tough smoking ban law is being proposed, expressed apprehension over becoming the laughing stock of the world over fears that the measure could not be enforced.

The mayor is not without basis as records show that in many nations that had banned smoking in public places, people continue to light up and get away with the bad and unhealthy habit because the laws are not strictly implemented.

While the respective legislative bodies of these nations were no doubt serious in their attempt to protect their citizens from second-hand smoke, smokers, business owners and even meme and parody makers make light of the situation.

For instance, smokers are often willing to turn a blind eye to the health hazards posed by their habit

that they just need a nicotine fix wherever they are

Governments, however, are not giving up easily

amid the strong lobby against wider smoking bans

One reason behind the weaker implementation is that the top guns have smoking gun evidence of them engaged in the vice.

The other one is the revenue-raising potential of tobacco products.

Among those against wider smoking ban are Germany's most infamous citizen



of course, Americans

And just anybody who thinks smoking is cool. However, anti-smoking groups are not giving up the battle and came up with an anti-smoking boy band.

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