World Cup 2014: Zlatan Ibrahimovic Open to Play in USA, Frustrated Not To Kick in Brazil

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Sweden soccer legend Zlatan Ibrahimovic appears to be interested to play in the United States as a member of one of fledgling MLS club in the future, the Paris St-Germain star admitted in a recent interview with Sports Illustrated.

Considered among the finest strikers in the world, Ibrahimovic is open to the possibility of bringing his talent to American football soil, once his current contract with PSG expires in two years.

"I will really think about it because I find it very interesting to come over to America, because my friend Thierry Henry is playing there and he's doing fantastic there," Ibrahimovic told last week, according to "And he talks a lot of positive about the Major League Soccer, so it's an interesting thing if the opportunity is still there in two to three years."

Ibrahimovic and New York Red Bull star Theirry Henry developed a close bond despite a short spell with Spanish football giant Barcelona. And apparently, the Swedish star is intrigued by the dramatic growth US soccer achieved in short span of time.

Though Ibrahimovic expressed his desire to wrap up his legendary career with PSG, he nevertheless leaves a window of possibility open for a move to the United States, when he finishes his contract with his current club.

"But if I ever get a chance to play in front of the Americans, I would try to do my best to convince them, show them the type of soccer they like to see," he said, on the topic of how his no-holds-barred playing style might be received on these shores during an interview with the New York Times Magazines.

Ibrahimovic also admitted his frustrations for coming up short to powering Sweden to the World Cup. Swedes lost to Cristiano Ronaldo and the Portuguese national team in the European qualifying playoffs 4-2 earlier this year.

"I have to accept it, even if I want to be in the World Cup. I mean, I think the best player belongs in the biggest tournament. And the World Cup is the biggest tournament, and I'm not there. So I'm suffering, I'm disappointed, I'm angry," said Ibrahimovic on missing the World Cup. 

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