World Cup 2014: Spain’s Loss Appears to Confirm Curse of World Cup Victory

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Spain's Iniesta, Torres and Casillas walk off the pitch at the end of their 2014 World Cup Group B soccer match in Rio de Janeiro
(L-R) Spain's Andres Iniesta, Fernando Torres and Iker Casillas walk off the pitch at the end of their 2014 World Cup Group B soccer match against Chile at the Maracana stadium in Rio de Janeiro June 18, 2014. REUTERS/Pilar Olivares

Was the promise of Chilean porn actress Marlen Doll to engage in a 16-hour sex marathon with strangers a very powerful encouragement that Chile won over Spain in the ongoing World Cup games or did La Roja lost because of a curse on grand champions of the famous soccer tournament?


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Buzzfeed asked the latter question after Spain's La Roja, which was the champion in the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, failed to win a single match in Brazil. The Web site theorises there is a curse on the championship, citing previous winners that suffered the same fate as Spain.

It pointed out that since 1998, every European team that won the World Cup failed to get past the first round in their attempt to defend the crown. France, which won in 1998, failed to score a single goal in 2002. A similar fate happened to 2006 champion Italy when they competed in 2010.

Buzzfeed did not answer the question and left it for the readers to draw their conclusion, but the Los Angeles Times, in an article on Tuesday, pointed out as a consolation to teams that lost that in the field of socioeconomics, their countries are winners over their sports victors.

It cited the case of Bosnia-Herzegovina that lost to Argentina, 2-1, on Sunday, but won over their opponent, 3-0, in a test of global economic competitiveness at the World Economic Forum where the 32 national teams were tested on broader measures of success in creating open markets and fair play in international trade.

Similarly, Ivory Coast beat Japan, 2-1, on Saturday, but the African nation scored the lowest among the 32 nations.

But like Buzzfeed's theory on curse of the championship trophy, there is no strong correlation between victory or loss in the soccer field and international trade arena since Germany won over Portugal, 4-0, on Monday, while Colombia triumphed over Greece, 3-0, on Saturday, which reflected as well the economic realities between those two pairs.

The relationship between winning and losing vis-à-vis influencing factors is even linked by some to having sex, while others would rather turn to animal psychics to know whom to bet for.

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