World Cup 2014: FIFA Releases Firm Defense Ahead of Opening Day to 'Set the Record Straight'

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FIFA World Cup 2014 Poster
The official 2014 FIFA World Cup sticker album is pictured during a media conference in Sao Paulo March 31, 2014. The sticker album will be sold in 120 countries, according to the publisher Panini. Reuters

With just a day before the much-awaited opening day of the World Cup 2014, FIFA has released a document of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) as a firm defense to "set the record straight" on various misconceptions or misrepresentations that beset the international event.

Based on the FIFA Web site, the non-profit organization (NGO) shared with the host country Brazil over the success of the FIFA World Cup set on June 12 to July 13. The international football community recognized that hosting an international sports event is challenging and no ordinary feat that criticisms and national debate really happens.

FIFA also acknowledged that some of the criticisms are fair, but there will also be unfair and misrepresented comments.

Among other things that FIFA clarified in the FAQ is the $15 billion cost or nearly $16 billion in Australia spent on the World Cup 2014, which was reported to come from the Brazilian taxpayers' pockets.

In a report released in a PDF document, FIFA said it covered the overall operational cost for the event amounting to $2 billion  or $2.13 billion in Australia.

The international NGO also clarified that the money spent for the World Cup 2014 came from sales of World Cup TV and marketing rights, not from the public funds.

The organization also cited the recent message delivered by incumbent Brazil President Dilma Rousseff. According to Pres. Rousseff only 0.16 percent of the country's gross domestic product (GDP) was spent on the Brazilian Development Bank's loan for the stadium not the entire budget for education and health.

FIFA also clarified the issue surrounding the ticket prices which was rumored to be too expensive for the Brazilians to purchase.

According to the international football organization, 2.7 million tickets have been bought by Brazilians as of June 10. It also compared the ticket prices of the World Cup 2014 against more expensive major events such as Olympic Games, Formula 1, tennis tournaments and pop concerts.

It stressed there are tickets for the international sports event that costs only as low as $15 or $15.99 in Australia. It added Brazilians comprised 70 percent of the 11 million ticket requests processed by the organization. It had also given away 100,000 free tickets to the builders who constructed the 12 stadiums used for the World Cup 2014 and the socially disadvantaged sector.

For see the completee copy of the FAQ that FIFA released for World Cup 2014, please click here

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