World Cup 2014: Bollywood Actress Poonam Pandey Follows Marlen Doll’s Example, Promises to Go Nude If India Wins Cricket World Cup

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A Bollywood actress is seeking to take some of the fame or notoriety that Chilean porn actress Marlen Doll is enjoying after she tweeted images of two sex marathons last week, following Chile's victory over Australia and Spain in the ongoing World Cup games.


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She is Poonam Pandey who vowed to go nude if India would win the Cricket World Cup. More known as Bollywood's sex siren, Pandey has posted a video of herself dancing, wearing nothing except a tiny black bikini top and a song, as she cheered for her favourite soccer team competing in Brazil.


The original 1-minute, 41-minute video has received almost 400,000 hits in YouTube in just 6 days that it was posted, but the popular video sharing site has removed the post. However, there are several videos such as this one that showed excerpts from her original posting.

Pandey is known for attempting to be popular by posting semi-nude photos on social media, images of her butt and releasing her own version of a condom commercial originally made by actor Ranveer Singh.

The ICC Cricket World Cup is scheduled in 2015, to be held in different venues in Australia and New Zealand. Fans of Pandey would certainly want to find out if the Bollywood actress would also offer sex marathons like Marlen Doll if India, which was the 2010 Cricket World Cup champion, would repeat the feat next year.


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