Woody Allen Publicly Heckled for Sexually Abusing Own Daughter

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File Photo of Director Woody Allen During the Premiere of His Film 'Blue Jasmine' in Paris
U.S. director Woody Allen poses during the premiere of his film "Blue Jasmine" in Paris in this August 27, 2013 REUTERS

U.S. director Woody Allen poses during the premiere of his film "Blue Jasmine" in Paris in this August 27, 2013

These may not be the best of times for Woody Allen who has been accused of sexually abusing his adopted daughter recently. Even though Allen still appears to manage to handle the situation with a poker face, things are getting worse as more people have started showing their faith against him.

The latest incident took place when Allen attended a Broadway musical along with his wife and daughters. One of the people present in the audience blatantly shouted: "I think he did it!" It happened in the presence of Allen's better half Soon-Yi as well as his daughters Manzie and Bechet at the Brooks Atkinson Theatre when they went there to attend the "After Midnight" matinee which starred k.d. lang, according to the New York Post.

The audience gave a standing ovation after the show finished. Allen and his family started making a beeline toward the exit door. A woman, seemingly in her 60s, exclaimed loudly to the person beside her that she believed that Allen "did" it. Allen's wife, Ms Soon-Yi, apparently gave the woman a "dirty look" while Allen looked "unfazed."

Allen's adopted daughter Dylan Farrow wrote an open letter where she accused him of molesting her sexually when she was only 7 years old. However, Allen is yet to be found guilty on the legal front for the alleged crime even though Farrow has continued to be steady in her allegations over time.

Allen, on the other hand, has also been pretty consistent in maintaining his stance of being innocent. He responded to the press that Ms Farrow was trained by her mother Mia, Allen's ex-wife, to accuse him. This, according to Allen, was Mia's way of retaliating, as she could not take the marriage between Allen and Soon-Yi well.

According to reports, the paedophile scandal has apparently affected the ticket sale of the "Bullets Over Broadway." There seems to be a steady dip in the ticket sales of the musical which is based on the 1994 movie of the same name, directed by Allen.

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