Wonderful Saving in the Cloud: Top 10 Benefits of Cloud Storage

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Not sure what benefits you get from saving in the cloud?

Without cloud storage, you will not be able to share any photo from last year's event, you need to give your friends a hard copy of your personal recipe, could not share last holiday's albums and would not be so secure with  your files and may need to safeguard them all the time. Furthermore, you will find it difficult to save, transfer and share huge files like audio, graphical presentations and videos.

However, cloud storage offers advantages. The following are the top 10 benefits from Top Ten Reviews:

1.      Accessibility - files saved in the cloud can be accessed anywhere in the planet. You just have to connect to the Internet.

2.      Automation - when doing manual backup, the biggest hassle is following through and this is not simply done. Cloud storage services make it easy through automation.

3.      Collaboration - Online storage are very ideal for collaboration when multiple people need to work on a single document.

4.      Cost - for data backup which is not always inexpensive. External drives and backup tapes have price tags and worse, you will spend your most expensive precious time completing backup routines. Cloud storage services lessen the cost associated with file backups with ample storage at an affordable monthly fee.

5.      Invisibility - cloud storage is invisible, no physical presence thus, does not occupy any space in your office or home.

6.      Protection - Cloud storage is an added data protection for very important and irreplaceable files.

7.      Recovery - In the event of data loss, you will have a backup of all your files and you can restore them without the need for downtime.

8.     Security - cloud storage is better for sensitive and confidential information than local storage. Online storage uses encryptions during transmission and data rest to ensure the files are protected from unauthorized access.

9.     Sharing - Cloud storage makes this possible with a few clicks, either it is a single file or an entire folder with huge files.

10.  Syncing - Syncing makes sure your files are updated automatically across all the devices. This makes the file in your desktop the same if retrieved from your smartphone.

Regardless of your storage needs, cloud storage through an online service provides many advantages for storing your personal and professional files. Saving in the cloud makes file handling easy and convenient.

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