Women Are More Loyal to Men With ‘Smaller’ Size, Study Reveals

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A successful marriage depends on the "size" of the male partner, a recent study reveals. However, contrary to what many men may assume, the results of the study disclose that men with bigger penises are more likely to have wives who cheat on them.

Researchers from Kenya and the U.S. conducted the study which was published in PloS One Journal. They found that there was a strange link between the size of the penis and infidelity in a marriage. Even though there may be a popular notion that the bigger the man is, the more satisfied his partner is; the study results come out as quite contrary to that.

The study, which was conducted among the fishermen community in Lake Victoria in Kisumu County in Kenya, showed that women were rather unhappy if the husband had a bigger size. The reason, as described in the study, is that women experience more painful sex when their partner is "big." That prompts them to seek another partner whom they may have more pleasurable sex. According to the researchers, "women do not necessarily approve" of the notion that an enlarged penis has an apparent relation to sexual satisfaction. Times Live reported that one of the women said that she had to look for another man with a "smaller one" so that she could "do it in a way" she could enjoy.

The study also reveals other possible reasons of a woman's infidelity in a marriage, which include denying a woman a preferred sex position as well as domestic violence. It also shows that younger wives (less than 24 years) are more likely to cheat on their husbands. Extramarital affairs may also happen when a woman is sexually dissatisfied, the study shows. One of the women said that they did not "waste" chances of getting men who could satisfy them outside their marriage.

The study also shows that 52.9 per cent women did not achieve orgasm in their last sex. These are the women who got involved in extramarital affairs. On the other hand, 75.1 per cent women achieved orgasm in their last sex and did not engage in any such affairs.

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