Woman Who Ate, Slept Beside Mother's Corpse for 3 Years Has Been Arrested

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She's been called "psycho' daughter" since she had reportedly been eating and sleeping next to her mother's corpse for three years. Now reports have surfaced that the cops have arrested her after she refused to come out of her apartment.

Chava Stirn, a 28-year old woman from Brooklyn, was arrested after neighbours called the cops complaining of a foul smell coming from her apartment.

Police were called to her apartment in the 15th Avenue residence in the Borough Park neighborhood. Police sources told New York Post that the neighbours initially didn't smell anything suspicious until the building supervisor discovered a leak coming from Stirn's apartment.

One of the neighbours, Amin Ashrafov, said the odour was heinous. "I've never smelled something like that before," he said.

Stirn reportedly refused to open her door so emergency workers were forced to knock it down. They were surprised to find her sitting on a chair looking muddled. She was also surrounded by waist-high mounds of trash. She was reportedly even wearing her mother's black shoes and black dress, which the deceased wore when she died.

She was also acting unpredictable when cops approached her. However, she was successfully apprehended and taken to a psychiatric facility in Maimonides Medical Center, after she claimed she wanted to hurt herself.

Police sources said Chava Stirn was too cooped up inside her apartment that she won't let anyone in. Neighbours said they also haven't seen her come out. They would however, notice relatives leaving her food outside her door.

A police said Stirn believes her mother had left her there in the apartment "to die."

The remains of the 61-year old Susie Rosenthal were laid on a bed of trash bags in the kitchen of Stirn's apartment. Stirn would reportedly drag a chair next to the corpse when she sleeps.

Neighbours claimed they would often hear odd sounds coming from her apartment.

"When I listened, she was screaming . . . [She yelled] 'I kill myself, I kill myself!' " said Malka Lerner, 41.

Another police said the scene is like straight out of the "Psycho" movie. He claimed it's one of the "weirdest cases" he has ever seen. Police indicated that from time to time, Stirn would sometimes dress up her mother's corpse.

"She may have been living there with the mom's remains for two or three years . . . It's a horrible scene," another source said.

Alfred Hitchcock's 1960 horror hit "Psycho" resembles Chava Stirn's story in so many ways. According to hngn, Norman Bates used to live with his mom's corpse same as Stirn. Norman Bates also dressed up like his mother, as previously mentioned. In "Psycho" Bates dressed up his mother's corpse, again similar to the police claim. However, Susie Rosenthal's death is still unclear and a relative also declined to comment. Stirn's reasons for keeping her mother's remains is also a mystery.

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