Woman Takes Her Naked Boyfriend for a Walk on Leash, Binders and an ‘Unidentified Object’ in His Anus

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In a strange incident, a woman was spotted walking a naked man tied with leash. The bizarre incident took place in West Virginia and left the witnesses of the "consensual sex game" shocked.

According to CBS Pittsburgh, the couple "could be facing charges" for the act. The report notes that the woman in a purple gown was strolling with a man who was "down on all fours" and was only covered with a hood. The man's ankles were also bound while walking on a busy four-way national road on July 29 morning.

A passerby took the photograph on the cell-phone to inform the police. The police then arrived at an apartment on Roney's Point Road in the U.S. and found a 53-year-old woman identified as "Barbara Jean "B.J." Geardello and her beau 56-year-old Robert Deyell.

Lt. Nelson Croft from the Sheriff's office in Ohio County told CBS Pittsburg that the woman "first denied any involvement" in the act. However, with the help of a "witness" who identified her, the man and the woman confessed.

 It was "the weirdest day ever" Lt. Nelson Croft told the publication.

Croft told that in their defense the couple told him that their act was a part of "consensual sex game." But the couple had complains.

 "...and they were offended that people were stopping and calling them freaks," Lt. Croft told the publication.

According to the report, Deyell informed the officers on duty that he was a "willing participant" of the act. The report notes the man had binder's marks that he wore in his ankles. Except those marks, the man "denied any other injury."

CBS Pittsburg notes that the district attorney is reportedly analyzing the case and contemplating if the couple should be charged with allegations of "indecent exposure" or not.

The Smoking Gun has obtained the copy of a police report that reveals that the naked man "also had an unidentified object sticking out of his anus."

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