Woman Arrested for Having Sex with Dogs While Husband Filmed, Posted Video Online

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A woman from Raeford, N.C., has been arrested for having sex with dogs while her husband, who is a soldier stationed in Fort Bragg, filmed the act. Police said the couple had posted the animal sex video on the Internet.

Police chief Franklin Crumpler at Raeford said anything that can happen between a man and woman during sexual intercourse, the woman made the dogs do. Amber Nicole Fox and Ruben Chance James Fox, both 23 years old, were scheduled to appear before the court in Hoke County on Sept. 17 after they were arrested for making dog porn on Sept. 16. Both were charged with bestiality, conspiracy and dissemination of obscene materials.

Police also charged Ms Fox with soliciting crime against nature for having sex with dogs.

It was the Humane Society that informed the cybercrimes unit of Virginia's Fairfax Country Police Department. The unit contacted Raeford police when the IP address of the dog sex video linked the couple.

Police came knocking at the couple's home and confiscated their computer equipment used to upload the dog sex video. Authorities also found two mixed-breed dogs and three cats. The animals were turned over to an animal shelter.

Man arrested for sex with horse named Ambrose

Meanwhile, 41-year-old Graham Redfearn filmed himself while having sex with a horse named Ambrose. Police also discovered he had sex with two dogs before having sex with the horse.

Authorities found videos of his sexual encounters with animals in his mobile phone with running commentary. When police officers inquired about his "strange" behaviour with animals, Mr Redfearn said, "I just lay on the bed - the dog did the rest."

He admitted to the Shrewsbury crown court that he engaged in sexual activities with the animals including possession of extremely pornographic images. Just days before he was set to appear in court, he posted an ad on a Facebook page that said he was looking for work as a stable hand.

The man who had sex with Ambrose, the horse, was banned from using the internet and keeping animals for life.

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