Wolverine to Die in September, Marvel Set to Kill Superhero in Miniseries

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Wolverine appeared for the first time on The Incredible Hulk around 40 years back. It was the last page of the 180th issue. It has developed to be one of the most iconic characters by Marvel. The movie adaptations were hugely celebrated as well. Hugh Jackman was seen becoming a superhero on screen. All the glory, nevertheless, will end in September 2014. Marvel has expressed its plans to let Wolverine die.

Marvel leaves Wolverine with only three months to live. He is going to lose his healing factor as well as the mutant power which enabled him to live for over a hundred years. He survived fatal injuries for decades but that's it. Entertainment Weekly exclusively broke the news about the 3 Months to Die series. It is going to be a 4-part miniseries named Death of Wolverine. Charles Soule will write it and Steve McNiven will make the illustrations. The first part of the miniseries will be published on Sept 3, 2014. The other issues will be released every following week consecutively. The final part of Death of Wolverine will be published on Sept 24.

Marvel Executive Director Michael Marts is responsible for overseeing the "death" project. He said that it was an idea given by Marvel editors and writers at Marvel's creative retreat that Wolverine should die. The editors and the writers at Marvel get together on a semi-annual basis to discuss significant projects. According to Marts, Wolverine has been an "eternal victor" against all the odds. Now may be the time for him to lose his battle against someone he is not able to "win against," he said. According to Soule who has also been working on Inhuman and Thunderbolts, Wolverine is told by his genuine friends not to get involved in flights any more as he would not be able to survive them. However, "violence tends to find him," Soule said.

Keen observers may notice that the cover of the first issue in September has a silhouette of Wolverine that resembles much to the first appearance of the character.

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